Welcome to the Zero Discharge Zone

We’re thrilled to announce that Ayyıldız Fabrics has initiated productions in its new plant as 2021 kicked in. Upon the motto “learning from the past to create a better future”, we’ve started a new chapter on sustainable production.

So we’d like to see you on board in this exciting journey in our Green Factory to step into a more sustainable future.


Renewable Energy Sources

Generates 6 million KWH energy that equals to the monthly electricity requirement of  



Caustic Recovery System

By using new Caustic Recovery System, developed with Univermak, we meet annual need of clean water of



Wastewater Treatment System

By using Auster Wastewater Treatment System we recover 95% of wastewater &  meet clean water need of  

households each year


Rainwater Harvesting

By using Rain Water Collecting System, according to average rainfall values, we meet annual need of clean water of 



Renewable Energy Resources

As Green Factory, we generate electricity from renewable energy sources with our 2.50 MW/h wind power plant.

With this application, we have reduced our emission values and carbon footprint by producing 70% of our energy from sustainable sources.

In the green factory, 6 million MW/h energy is obtained annually through wind power. 
This energy is equal to monthly electricity consumption of
27.000 households 

Waste Water Treatment System

The existing water treatment systems use filters, chemicals and bacteria. Waste sludge is pressed with the filter into a cake solution, stored and sent to solid waste burner on certain periods.

Recovery systems however, aim to adjust water parameters in such a way to enable re-use within the facilities through membrane and osmosis units. However, as a result of diminished efficiency in those systems; costs increase, and negative impacts are observed on plant’s operational quality since the water fails to reach up to desired values. Having co-developed under patent with our solution partner UNIVERMAK Makine A.Ş., the Auster Recovery System enables to have 90% of our waste water reused within the plant, and it also dehydrates 100% of the waste to eliminate bad odour and bacterial growth. 

By using Auster Wastewater Treatment System we recover 90% of our wastewater that equals to the consumption of
560.000 households each year 


New Technology Caustic Recovery

NaOH is widely used in textiles during pre-finishing and mercerization processes in cotton fabrics. Since NaOH creates high pH levels in waste water, it can not be discharged to nature without nautralization. High amounts of sulphuric acid is needed for this neutralization process. Conventional caustic recovery technologies are able to recover a maximum 65-70% use of caustic within 22-28 baume range, and the remaining 30-35% caustic solution is transferred to decontamination. Thanks to the high-efficient caustic recovery system that our group company UNIVERMAK Makine A.S., our caustic recovery level goes up to 44 baume with 99% efficiency with no need to lighten the color of caustic. 95% of the vapor released in the process is recovered as water by condensation and this water is reused in washing, mercerization, bleaching and many other processes.

By using Caustic Recovery System, co-developed withUnivermak, we save annual clean water requirements of

67.200 households 

Rainwater Harvesting & Filtration

We will be harvesting rainwater from rooftops to be stored in a special pool and then utilize it within the facilities after filtration and settling.

The water saving in this method will reach up to 300 metric tones per month based on average rain levels.

By using Rain Water Collecting System, according to average rainfall values, we save the annual water requirement of
7.200 households