Our Story 

Fabric is the back bone of fashion. It is the goal of every designer to bring the fabric into life and tell a story with it. We shape each of our fabrics in a unique way to express the form, movement, touch and colors of every collection.

Constantly evolving into better since its foundation in 2010, Ayyıldız has been specialized in producing woven fabrics and become one of the favorite suppliers in the field. Our flexible company structure, fast R&D work and quality procedures are all lined up with full customer satisfaction. Having 4 main collections launched per annum, we’ve been specialized in developing fabrics within a wide range including dobby, jacquard, yarn-dyed, technical and printed fabrics. Close follow-up of trends enables us to develop new yarns and finishing elements that reflect the new trends at every level.

We strive at satisfying the expectations of our customers and employees at maximum level through eco-sensitive production, economical and work ethics, and a great respect for individuals, society and law. Ayyıldız Fabrics is ranked in top 5 globally among manufacturers in the same field through its innovative activities and technology that strengthens its brand value, keeps the shareholder satisfaction at maximum level both at home and abroad.

Our production goal is to offer the best quality with best outcomes without compromising sustainability.


Capacity & Revenue

Our aim for our production is to offer the best quality with the best possible results, without compromising on sustainability.

  • 202228.000.000 (Meter)
  • 202127.000.000 (Meter)
  • 202014.600.000 (Meter)
  • 201911.900.000 (Meter)
  • 201810.700.000 (Meter)
  • 20179.500.000 (Meter)
  • 20168.800.000 (Meter)

As of 2021, Ayyıldız fabric has become a company that exports to about 40 countries, works with more than 65 brands, and has reached an annual production capacity of 20 million. We are constantly working to make the processes in our company even more sustainable. While doing this, we always consider our high quality standards.

Ayyıldız never compromises on quality and responsibilities. This is the most important principle we have taken on our way.


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